Meet the 20-Year-Old Russian Man Who Won a Lingerie Photo Contest for Women (Photos)

Meet the 20-Year-Old Russian Man Who Won a Lingerie Photo Contest for Women (Photos)

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When a Russian lingerie franchise announced their sexy photo contest, androgynous, 20-year-old Russian high school student Andrey Nagorny asked his girlfriend to do his hair and makeup. He got a professional photographer to take some shots of him and then entered them into the contest, just for fun. Even though the online contest never specified whether men could enter, Nagorny never imagined he would actually win. Then, a little while later, he did.

The franchise declared Nagorny the winner and bestowed him with the title of “Miss Avocado.” (We have no idea where that name came from.) When they called Nagorny to set up the grand prize photo shoot, they discovered that he was a man and disqualified him.

Andrey Nagorny

Zheanna Stolpovskaya, the lingerie franchise manager told Russian media, “For the final photo shoot, we chose three girls. He didn’t participate because the photos will be available for everyone to see. Obviously, we couldn’t predict how the general public and our buyers would react to them.”

We imagined the Russians would’ve reacted badly to a man looking sexy in lingerie, especially since Russia has a law criminalizing so-called gay propaganda and a trans woman was murdered in Russia last year after being outed on TV by her father. However, some of online commenters blasted the contest organizers for disqualifying Nagorny:

“Idiots! Now he can easily sue them for gender discrimination. And you thought that only women are discriminated against?” one person wrote on Russian social media.

“They are so full of s*hit! Why didn’t they announce gender requirements from the very start? Or give the first prize to the owner of the lingerie store chain?” another commented.

Russian man lingerie contest 02
Andrey Nagorny

Nagorny said that his androgynous looks get him mistaken for female all the time, but that he has gotten used to it, partly because his friends don’t tease him about it.

Australian model Andreja Pejić originally started her career as an androgynous male model before coming out as transgender in 2014.

(Images via Andrey Nagorny Instagram)

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