Ryan Gosling's German Doppelgänger FEATURE
Ryan Gosling's German Doppelgänger FEATURE

Ryan Gosling’s German Doppelgänger Has Arrived, and He’s Just as Swoon-Worthy

We all love looking at sexy doppelgängers, it’s a fact. We all also love the one and only Canadian cutie and actor, Mr. Ryan Gosling. I mean, look at him seductively eating pizza. How could you not swoon?

Ryan Gosling's German Doppelgänger Pizza

Through recent investigation, we have come to learn that there’s another man in this world that perfectly resembles all of Gosling’s charm, with a sexy German accent to boot.

Johannes Laschet is a fashion enthusiast, blogger and law student. He has built up a following of over 30,000 followers on Instagram by posting his dapper looks for the world to see. Oh, and his father, Armin Laschet is the minister president of North Rhine-Westphalia, so he’s basically royalty. (Not really, but a boy can dream.)

Here are Laschet and Gosling sporting the sexiest brown jackets in the world.

Ryan Gosling's German Doppelgänger Brown Jacket

And here it looks like they both opted for denim.

Check out some more of Laschet’s polished looks below.

And just in case you’ve made it through this entire post and still don’t agree that Laschet is Ryan Gosling’s German doppelgänger, here’s a GIF of Gosling shirtless to make you happy.

Ryan Gosling's German Doppelgänger Shirtless



Featured Image by Elen Nivrae via Wikipedia Commons

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