Ryan Reynolds Wants ‘Deadpool’ Considered for an Oscar (Video)

Ryan Reynolds Wants ‘Deadpool’ Considered for an Oscar (Video)

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We’re big fans of Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool — especially since the actor opened up about the pansexual antihero possibly having a gay romance in the future.

So far this awards season, their names have been mentioned quite a lot. Reynolds and Deadpool were both nominated for Golden Globes. While Reynolds didn’t take home a Globe, he did win a smooch from Andrew Garfield that went viral. Not a bad consolation prize if you ask us.

Another honor he just won was being named “Man of the Year” by Hasty Pudding Theatricals. No, it has nothing to do with JELL-O. The Hasty Pudding Theatricals is the oldest theatrical organization in the United States. Not a Golden Globe, but it’s still pretty incredible considering he is joining men like Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro and Harrison Ford.

But all of this may not be enough for him. Today is the deadline for Oscar nominations. In anticipation, Reynolds released an amusing video asking the Academy to consider Deadpool for Best Picture.

The short clip is a highlight reel of scenes from Deadpool with numerical statistics proving why the flick deserves a nom. “600 lbs of chimichangas, 4 pair of assless chaps, 12 humiliating minutes on a casting couch,” Reynolds list. The “12-minutes” refers to the pegging scene that def got people’s attention. But why is it humiliating? Last time we checked, taking a big old dick or dildo was something to be proud of — not ashamed!

Regardless, the clip did a good job convincing us why the should be nominated! Let’s hope we hear Deadpool  or Reynolds’ name announced on January 24 when nominations are revealed.

Watch the 30-second clip below:

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