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5 Must-See Moments from Last Night’s SAG Awards (Video)

5 Must-See Moments from Last Night’s SAG Awards (Video)

Written by Alexander Kacala on March 21, 2017
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The SAG awards were last night, and there lots of powerful and emotional moments.

Here are the five must-watch moments for this lazy Monday.

1. Lily Tomlin’s hilarious acceptance speech.

Lily Tomlin was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for work on stage and for her work as a humantirain for many causes. Her speech was full of some funny gems, especially when she decided to hand over some bits of advice to other aspiring actors. “When you’re drunk, don’t leave the house,” she joked. “If you’re already out, know your limit. When you’re friends stop talking to you and talking about you, it’s a good indication you’ve had too much. When they start saying things like… did she have a purse?”

2. Dolly Parton’s very, very funny introduction.

Dolly Parton was on hand to introduce Tomlin. She also made the audience laugh with lots of jokes with true Dolly wit and humor. “I almost didn’t get in,” she began. “Seriously, I didn’t! They were holding me backstage. They kept wanting to see my IDs. I think it was IDs. Or maybe it was double Ds!”

3. Stranger Things speech with Winona Ryder’s crazy faces.

Things got very intense and political during the Stranger Things acceptance speech, The other thing that makes this worth a watch are Winona Ryder’s crazy facial expressions. Maybe she was drunk? Whatever was going on, it’s for sure worth a watch.

4. Mahershala Ali’s powerful acceptance speech about acceptance.

Ali won for his supporting role in Moonlight, one of our favorite films from last year. His speech was powerful and enlightening, talking about the importance of acceptance in today’s society. “We see what happens when you persecute people,” he stated. “They fold into themselves. And what i was so grateful about in having the opp to play Juan, playing a gentleman who saw a young man who was folding into himself a a result of the persecution of his community. And taking the opportunity to uplift him and that he mattered and that he was OK and accept him. I hope we do a better job of that.”

5. Hidden Figures winning an award.

We are so happy to see these women on stage with an award in their hands! Especially Janelle Monáe who we have been cheering non-stop this season for her work on the screen and her words of acceptance off. Their speech was all about the importance of love and brought us to tears.

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