The Hornet Guide to the Bars of Saint Petersburg

The Hornet Guide to the Bars of Saint Petersburg

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Roman Kolesnivok is the writer for this Vespa Saint Petersburg Guide:

Saint Petersburg, the famous capital of northern Russia, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. With its natural beauty, many people have referred this city as the North Venice or North Palmira of Russia.

Besides discovering Saint Petersburg’s historical sites and its natural beauty, this city also has a thriving gay nightlife concentrated around the city center. Three major gay spots, The Central Station, The Priscilla, and the Blue Oyster, are located on the same block and within 20 meters from each other. You can also meet many gay men on Rubinschteina street as there are many gay-friendly places in this area.

Here is my list of recommendations on where to bar hopping in Saint Petersburg:

Central Station

The legendary Moscow-based club also has a branch in Saint Petersburg. This massive complex has three floors of bars. It also has a karaoke room, a theater hall, a dance floor, and dark room for you to play.


Priscilla is the third thematic club at the Lomonosova Street. This place has four floors for you to dance the night away. Priscilla is free of admission. However, this club has a customary practice called, “Face Control,” by the bouncers. They may deny your club entry based on your appearance. So you better show up and be ready to impress.

Priscilla opens from 11:00 PM until morning on Friday and Saturday for the party people.

Blue Oyster

Blue Oyster is a dive-bar and opens every day from 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM in the morning. This bar offers free entrance and cheap drinks for the customers. This place also has Face Control policy. But once you are inside the bar, you instantly feel comfortable in this relatively low-key environment.


Cabare is the largest and oldest gay club in Russia for the past 15 years. This two-floors club has three bars, a theater hall with a stage, a dance floor, plus a restaurant. Cabare also functions as a cafe in the daytime.


Bunker is the first and only cruising bar in Russia. It has video-bar, plenty of private outdoor and indoor facilities for you to play. Bunker also has different theme night like “Naked” parties on Thursdays.

By the Circus

By the Circus is the only running gay sauna in St. Petersburg. A small, but cozy space, it opens daily from 2 p.m. till the morning. This facility has a dry sauna, a Turkish steam room, private cabins, and a bar for patrons to use.


Malevich is a small LGBT club for young adults. This place hosts evening classes like tango and vocal lessons. It also has film screenings and recitals held at this space. During the weekend, this place turns into a fun discotic.

(Featured image via RDesign812/Flickr)

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