Sam Arora Fundraises On Gay Rights Platform, Votes Against Them!

Sam Arora Fundraises On Gay Rights Platform, Votes Against Them!

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The biggest LGBT news story of the day is easily Maryland House Delegate Sam Aroro’s absolutely shocking betrayal of the gay community (RE: the people who elected him) in Maryland’s ongoing move toward marriage equality. Aroro, who ran on an LGBT rights campaign, and received donations and votes from countless Maryland LGBT’s, today announced that he was “Born Again” and would not be casting his vote for marriage equality after all.

I honestly cannot think of another example as glaring as this of a politician outright lying to a group to get himself elected, and then voting to diminish the rights of those exact people responsible for securing his job. For goodness sake, Aroro was the one who even sponsored the bill to approve gay marriage in the state in the first place!

Gay America Blog points out the Arora has deleted the pro-LGBT tweets he made a month ago announcing he was sponsoring the Religious Freedom & Civil Marriage Protection Act. How do politicians not realize yet that you can’t take something back when you put it on the internet?

Arora is claiming today that he never promised to vote for gay marriage, and that he was merely considering it before. This is a complete and utter lie. Hundreds of people are coming forward and saying Arora lied to their faces and promised a vote for marriage equality.

Arora’s Facebook page has exploded with comments from people denouncing his cowardly change of mind, and the thieving campaign he ran. Donors to his political campaign are demanding he return their contributions.

The Washington Post reports:

The outrage directed at Arora is understandable. As is the sense of betrayal. He raised money from gays and lesbians based on his support for marriage equality. He secured the endorsements of Progressive Maryland and of Equality Maryland because of it. In fact, get a load of what he wrote as an addendum to his questionnaire for Equality Maryland.

“I am a former law clerk to Attorney General Doug Gansler. I publicly supported his decision to recognize out-of-state marriage licenses for same-sex couples and immediately put out a release praising his findings. For me, it’s simply a matter of equal rights under the law.”

Gay Marylanders want the respect, dignity and responsibility that comes with marriage. And Arora was elected to his first term in the House of Delegates, in part, because of his promise to get it done. Politicians break promises all the time. But this is different. If Arora fails to vote for the marriage equality bill he campaigned for and co-sponsored when it comes to the floor next week not only would it be disgraceful, he would be a disgrace.

Absolutely disgraceful, indeed! Please take a moment to voice your dissent on Arora’s Facebook page. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT curse or use foul language. If you can’t find a way to communicate your anger and disappointment in him without cursing, then say nothing. But if you can, please tell him you find his about-face disgraceful and that it is not too late for him to fulfill his promise to advance the rights of gays and lesbians in Maryland by voting for the marriage equality bill he co-sponsored. After you’ve said your piece, don’t forget to un-friend him.

Go on now!

Are you as appalled as we are at the way Sam Arora has taken advantage of the gay community?

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