Meet the New Face of Boy Butter With This Crash Course of His Sexiest Instagram Pics

Meet the New Face of Boy Butter With This Crash Course of His Sexiest Instagram Pics

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When Boy Butter conducted a search last year to find their new spokesperson, founder Eyal Feldman got quite a lot of inquiries from sexy boys who wanted to replace ginger hunk Seth Fornea. He whittled down his choices to one, and in the end, only Samuel Lemar was left standing.

Boy Butter announced the decision on their Instagram: “Meet the winner of the #boybuttersearch contest for the new face of @boybutter; Samuel Lemar.”

“We had been on the lookout for a fresh new face for Boy Butter so we started the #boybuttersearch contest this past summer,” Feldman explains. “We had many entries and posts, but no one got the likes or stirred passion quite like Sam Lemar.”

“I wasn’t sure I fit the bill they were looking for,” Lemar tells us over Instagram. “It wasn’t specific (cute but sexy) so it was a great surprise when they emailed me.”

Feldman details what Lemar embodies that made him get the gig. “Sam looks innocent yet sexy, relatable and definitely inspires the use of my product like nobody’s business,” he tells us. “Who doesn’t wanna see this guy churn some butter? His duties will be looking adorable while spreading the Boy Butter brand through social media and television, especially for the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race!”

You may recognize Lemar from some of your favorite parties in New York City. He can usually be seen on top of boxes getting into the groove as one of the sexy go-go boys booked to quench the thirst of everyone in attendance. From Brian Rafferty’s Trade to Ric Sena’s Alegria to house parties on Fire Island, Lemar is almost always there breaking it down beat by beat.

What sets Lemar apart from all the rest are not only his smoldering good looks but his massive booty that looks great in a jockstrap or Speedo. That asset is in full view in the first sneak peek of the new Boy Butter campaign that was released with the announcement on social media.

Lemar is a self-labeled nerd, as his Instagram handle “beefydork” suggests. Some of this interests and hobbies that allude to this are his affinity for reading fantasy books and playing World of Warcraft. He tells us, “I used to live action role play (l.a.r.p.) when I was younger.”

“This is one of my first official modeling gigs,” he adds. “I’ve never done anything like this so I’m looking forward to a new opportunity and the possibilities it might open up.”

If you’re not familiar with the sexiness of Samuel Lemar, you will be after this crash course of his hottest Instagram pics.

Check out some of Samuel Lemar’s sexiest Instagrams right here:

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