New ‘Years & Years’ Track ‘Sanctify’ Is About Straight Guys Who Explore Gay Sex

New ‘Years & Years’ Track ‘Sanctify’ Is About Straight Guys Who Explore Gay Sex

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Years & Years have debuted the video for “Sanctify,” the first single from their upcoming album. In a press release, frontman Olly Alexander said, “The video for ‘Sanctify’ centers around an audition against the backdrop of a future metropolis called Palo Santo. It’s the first part of a bigger jigsaw puzzle and my hope is that it confuses the hell out of people but also excites them in a mysterious and sensual way.”

In an interview promoting the track, Alexander explained that the song was inspired by sexual experiences he had with men who identify as straight.

Alexander said to Zane Lowe on Beats1:

I wanted to write a song that was kind of inspired from some experiences I’ve had with guys who identify as straight but I’ve had something a bit more than just a friendship with them. And I was interested in what’s happening in that interaction. Also cause it spoke a bit to my own coming out journey as a gay guy… And then the music side of it…I wanted something that felt like it could be Britney-era ‘Slave 4 U’ meets like Timbaland or Neptunes, just cause that’s my favorite kind of stuff to listen to.

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The video is a great example of Alexander’s talent. His vocals are on point as always, but he also showcases his impeccable acting skills and dancing talent as well.

Olly Alexander

Fans are loving the new futuristic single and accompanying video. One wrote, “Can we talk about how intimidating the meaning of the song is along with his comeback looks? I’m here feeling like a dagger has been jabbed at me. I’m ready for this new era.”

Another added, “I’m too drunk to pay attention at the meaning but I’m stanning because Olly is so fabulous and I’m so glad he exists in such a crappy world. You go, girl. I stan.”

Stanning means being an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity.

Watch the video for “Sanctify” here:

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