Watch This Adorable Kid Totally Cockblock Santa Claus

Watch This Adorable Kid Totally Cockblock Santa Claus

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If you like Christmas music, you’ll love musician Danielle LoPresti’s music video cover of the 1952 classic, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”. No, it’s not a song about Yuletide adultery; Santa is obviously the child-narrator’s other parent. But it’s still one of the only Christmas songs that has foreplay in it (not counting the date-rapey “Baby It’s Cold Outside”).

In the video, LoPresti’s real-life child totally cock-blocks Santa (or should we say box-blocks?). But presto! Santa turns out to be LoPresti’s actual wife. And instead of unwrapping each other’s gifts, Santa and company tucker-out their little tyke with some holiday fun… at which point Santa and Mommy crawl into bed when GOD DAMN IT!! THE KID WAKES UP AND BOX-BLOCKS THEM AGAIN!!!

Here’s a parenting tip: stir a little whiskey into your kid’s egg nog. It’ll keep visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads while you and Santa stuff each other’s stockings.

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