These Sexy Santa Speedo Run Participants Will ‘Sleigh’ You With Their Big Packages

These Sexy Santa Speedo Run Participants Will ‘Sleigh’ You With Their Big Packages

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Last Saturday was the Santa Speedo Run in Chicago, an annual event where scantily clad runners publicly jog in nothing but Santa hats, Santa beards and Speedos to raise money for the Chicago Diabetes Project. This Sunday, Boston and Atlanta will hold their Santa Speedo Runs, so to get them warmed up for the event, lets look at each city’s fundraiser and the sexy Santa Speedo Run participants who ‘sleighed’ us in Chicago.

The run actually started in Boston in 2000 as just five guys running while carrying a boombox playing the Muppets’ christmas carols over and over again. The event has since grown to hundreds of runners and has since raised over $1.5 million for various local children’s charities, particularly Play Ball! Boston, which partners with Boston public schools to create and fund leagues for over 1,200 under-funded student athletes.

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The runners typically meet up at local bars for a bit of ‘liquid courage’ before braving the cold weather. There, they socialize, drink and then head out for the one-mile run. While many people dress like Santa, other dress up like elves, reindeer or even wear Christmas tree tinsel or other decorations for the holiday theme.

Although the Santa Speedo Run isn’t gay per se, it certainly attracted a lot of gay and LGBTQ-ally participants. Many stopped by the Sidetrack bar on Halsted Street in the gay part of Chicago known as Boystown.

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The sight of all the sugarplums bouncing up and down are a delightful site for nice and naughty boys alike. And perhaps they’ll inspire you to join your city’s Santa Speedo Run — or even organize one if your city’s currently without one!

Here are the sexy runners from Chicago’s 2017 Santa Speedo Run:

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