New Book Tells Kids the Truth About Santa: He’s Black and Gay

New Book Tells Kids the Truth About Santa: He’s Black and Gay

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Sometimes the best things are born from jokes. Last December, Daniel Kibblesmith tweeted this out:

It’s a great idea — and, well, it’s a funny joke. But that joke’s becoming real, as Kibblesmith has gotten together with AP Quach, to make Santa’s Husband for Harper Collins.

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In Santa’s Husband, we meet the real Santa and his husband. As in the original joke, Santa’s husband helps his partner out by filling in as a mall Santa. The book follows their lives at the North Pole — and Quach’s concept art, which you can see above, is absolutely adorable.

This is far from Daniel Kibblesmith’s debut. Not only is he a staff writer at The Late Show with Stephen Colberthe’s also the writer of the comic books Valiant High and The Doorman, and co-author of the book How to Win at EverythingHe’s also written for ClickHole and The Onion. So, you know, he might have this whole comedy thing down.

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His illustrator, AP Quach is quite accomplished. In addition to her own work at Sassquach, she’s also collaborated with director Max Landis. That collaboration has led to the book Text, and the brilliant comic, “Boys Night,” a 29-page exploration of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy muddling through middle age.

Her solo works include “Race Together,” a look at the short-lived Starbucks campaign encouraging customers and baristas to talk about racial issues. Nor will Santa’s Husband be her first Christmas-related work. “All is Bright” is a wonderfully-rendered story of a little girl’s family Christmas Party.

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Santa’s Husband was originally pitched as a parody children’s book like 2011’s Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach. While it may have its roots in parody, the final book will be directed at children.

The book comes out October 10.

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