Breitbart Readers Discover This Book’s Black, Gay Santa and Lose Their Effing Minds

Breitbart Readers Discover This Book’s Black, Gay Santa and Lose Their Effing Minds

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Earlier this year, we told you all about Santa’s HusbandIt’s a new children’s book that reveals the truth about Santa — he’s black and gay (although Big Freedia has known that for years). The book has been out for a while, but the far-right website Breitbart just discovered it, and we’re living for the Santa’s Husband reactions from Breitbart.

Santa’s Husband began life as a joke. Last December, author Daniel Kibblesmith tweeted, “Me & @JenAshleyWright have decided our future child will only know about Black Santa. If they see a white one we’ll say ‘That’s his husband.’” That tweet led Kibblesmith to get together with illustrator AP Quach to make Santa’s Husband a reality.

The book follows the lives of Santa and his husband at the North Pole, while Santa’s husband fills in as a mall Santa. The two men are adorable and affectionate — though it started as just a Twitter joke, the book ended up being a sweet depiction of a healthy, loving relationship.


The original Santa’s Husband Breitbart article

Of course, as with anything pure and good in this world, the far-right website Breitbart hated it. They wrote (and that link uses Do Not Link It so we won’t send them the clicks), “CNN’s relentless campaign to destroy the innocence of young children marched on this weekend with a lengthy Sunday morning ‘New Day’ segment promoting a children’s book that depicts Santa Claus as a homosexual who is married to another man.”

Oh, no! Not innocence! And if that weren’t enough, Breitbart also points out a horrible scene in the book — “[CNN’s Victor] Blackwell read a section of the book that tells children as young as four, ‘Like any married couple they have disagreements but always manage to kiss and make up, usually over a plate of milk and cookies.’”

Gasp! There’s healthy conflict resolution?! Better sound the alarm!


The craziest Santa’s Husband reactions happened in the comments

Given which site it appeared on, our “favorite” Santa’s Husband reactions happened in the comments:

The alphabet people, lbtsdfafdasfd, or whatever they are today are simply warped. Most of us could not care less what those wackos do in their bedroom. Just don’t expect us to say it is normal or it is okay because it is not. I’m sure the only people buying the book are less than 3% of the population that is gay and of course the pedophiles too will buy the book

We’re not exactly sure why pedophiles would buy a book about adult men, but hey.

make it no Christian should watch TV these days!

It’s a book, but hey, keep fighting the good fight.

AT A STORE!!!!!!


This guy may have recognized the right medium, but this seems like an over-reaction. At least he censored the word “jackasses” for our sensitive eyes.

There’s plenty more where that came from on Breitbart but you get the idea. If you’re interested in destroying America, Santa’s Husband has been on sale since Oct. 10, and makes a great stocking stuffer for kids and adults alike.


Featured image by AP Quach courtesy of Harper Design

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