Congrats to Brazil’s First Openly Gay Mayor, Who Just Got Married News

Congrats to Brazil’s First Openly Gay Mayor, Who Just Got Married

Written by Hornet Staff on March 08, 2017
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While sexually seems to be a hotly contested issue of late, this Saturday saw some good news comes out of South America. Edgar de Souza and Alexsandro Trindade celebrated 13 years of love by getting married in Lins, a small city 270 miles outside of São Paulo, Brazil.

prefeito gay casou-se
De Souza began his political career at 21 when he was elected city councilman of Lins. While in that role, he never addressed his sexuality, but that changed when he ran for mayor in 2012. During his mayoral campaign, de Souza said, “I do not have to hide who I live with, whom I love. If I hide, I do not deserve to be your mayor. God loves me as a homosexual.” Luckily, too, de Sousa has always been accepted as gay by his family and his husband’s family.

Together in a stable relationship for 13 years, de Sousa and Trindade knew each other back in their teens. Though they didn’t start dating until years later, their marriage almost feels like destiny.

“Although we’ve already considered ourselves married, we understand being officially married is an important right. It’s also a reaffirmation of our dignity and love! We exist. We will not stay in the shadows, and we deserve respect!” de Sousa said.

prefeito gay casou-se

We can’t help but love these storybook romances. Here’s hoping for a lifetime of happiness and success for this beautiful couple.


(Photos via Studio Uaal Fotografia)

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