Sarah Palin Uses Secret Facebook Account To Praise Herself

Sarah Palin Uses Secret Facebook Account To Praise Herself

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Ego much? Some background. Frank Bailey, a former Palin staff member, has written a tell-all book exposing quite a bit of the nonsense that goes on behind the scenes in Palin World. Among the revelations, Sarah hated being governor of Alaska, and violated election law with some shady fundraising activity.

Throughout the manuscript, emails from Ms. Palin are used to prove some of Bailey’s claims. Once the world got their paws on Palin’s email address, some internet detectives searched to see if the address was used to register for a Facebook account. Surprise, surprise! The address was attached to a pictureless profile named Lou Sarah – as in Sarah Louise Palin!

This honestly gives us the chuckles. Palin apparently uses her secret identity to praise herself and daughter Bristol on Facebook. The account is chock full of “likes” for Palin’s comments, and glowing reviews of her reality show. Sarah even uses her main account to “like” a comment from her Lou Sarah account on her main account!

KABOOOOOM! (That’s the sound of our brains exploding from the Twilight Zone egomania on display here.)

Wonkette reports:

Apparently Palin is not reading the liberal newspapers and other publications that provide news about Facebook privacy settings. Still, Sarah Palin “liking” a Fox video about the things she likes? Very meta, “Lou.”

Via Wonkette

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