Sarah Palin’s Documentary is the Biggest Flop of the Year (Duh)

Sarah Palin’s Documentary is the Biggest Flop of the Year (Duh)

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Sarah Palin’s ego-mercial “The Undefeated” is officially dead in the water. After two weeks of release, the documentary has failed to break even the $100,000 mark. A little perspective here:the film was estimated to cost a cool million dollars to produce. Not exactly a rosy return on investment.

The film, a positive look at the former governor’s tenure in Alaska politics, opened in ten theaters on July 15 and grossed a modest $65,000. Last weekend, distribution was increased to include four new theaters, but ticket sales dropped to about $24,000, according to Box Office Mojo.

Like so many Bring It On sequels, The Undefeated is headed straight to pay-per-view, and then maybe Sunday afternoon matinees on TBS if Palin is lucky. I’m no betting man, but I would put good money on the argument that people just don’t want to pay money to have to watch Sarah Palin. Especially not when Tina Fey does a better Sarah Palin for free.

“Given the strong audience reaction, we have determined there is overwhelming demand to get this film out broadly enough to cover the entire nation in September and October,” he said.

While yes, vomiting certainly is a strong audience reaction, I’m not sure that means people actually want to watch this drivel.

As of Sept. 1, the film will be available on pay-per-view and On Demand services through cable providers such as DirecTV, DISH Network and Time Warner Cable, according to a press release. The DVD will also be made available on Oct. 4, both online and in stores. (The DVD has already been released to those who have contributed $100 or more to Palin’s political action committee, SarahPAC, according to the press release.)

For the record, the film received a score of ZERO out of a possible 100 on popular movie review site, and the LA Times refused to even call it a film, choosing instead to use the word “infomercial.”

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