Schadenfreude Tastes So Sweet: Gay Basher Bashed By Gays

Schadenfreude Tastes So Sweet: Gay Basher Bashed By Gays

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Every once in a while, you hear a story that’s so deliciously ironic, you feel that maybe the arc of the moral universe bends towards justice after all. We’ve got one such story today straight outta SoHo, NYC where a would-be gay basher found the shoe on the other foot… or, perhaps, the fist in the other face.

The New Civil Rights Movement is reporting that on August 2, a lovely fellow started bellowing gay slurs at Larry and Daniel Lennox-Choate while at a bodega in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. Unfortunately (for the attacker), he was the first to throw a punch at Daniel, prompting Daniel’s husband to leap into action.

As it turns out, Larry and Daniel are the first gay couple to both graduate from and marry at the prestigious military academy West Point, and Daniel served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

How did it work out for the assailant? Let’s let Larry use his own words from his Facebook page:

First off- we’re ok. Aside from one fat lip and a sore punching arm, we are fine. The guy who screamed anti-gay obscenities at us in a bodega before sucker-punching Danny? He left covered in his own blood with his tail between his legs after I handled the situation and tossed him in the street like the coward loser he is. The hate crimes division of the NYPD is on the case and we have full faith a positive outcome will follow. We refuse to be victims and are thankful we can defend ourselves, but are saddened by the fact that idiots like this guy might not pick two guys who went through Plebe Boxing next time.

The NYPD’s investigation is ongoing.

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Featured Image via Larry Lennox-Choate’s Facebook

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