A South African School Just Outed 38 Students as Lesbians

A South African School Just Outed 38 Students as Lesbians

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Ulwazi High School in the Eastern Cape of South Africa forced 38 students to come out to their parents as lesbians.

The Dispatch reports that it all started when two girls were caught kissing in a bathroom.

Then Principal Nomampondomise Kosani sent a letter home with the girls and 36 other suspected lesbians, ordering their parents and guardians to come in for a school meeting.

At this meeting, parents were told their children were being disruptive and engaging in “bad habits.” Then, the girls were forced to identify their girlfriends.

Some parents stood by their children. One told the Dispatch, “As shocked as I was with learning my child was gay, I still think that there could have been better ways to handle this situation.”

Another said, “I have heard that there are parents who are going to beat up their children for being gay.”

The principal’s actions aren’t just an invasion of privacy — they’re dangerous. Cameron Cordell, OUTology Network’s Acting Executive Director told Mamba Online, “The LGBTI community, and particularly women within the community, face physical and emotional violence on a daily basis.”


(Header image of Principal Nomampondomise Kosani via BCMM)

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