Science Proves Resting Bitch Face Is Actually A Thing

Science Proves Resting Bitch Face Is Actually A Thing

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“FaceReader scans more than 500 points on the human face and assigns an expression based on eight ‘basic’ emotions: happy, angry, sad, scared, surprised, disgusted, contemptuous, or neutral.

To create a baseline, Rogers and Macbeth ran ‘normal’ faces through FaceReader and found that most people’s resting faces register as ‘neutral.’ Then they ran photos and videos of celebrities most often accused of RBF (Resting Bitch Face) — Kanye, KStew, etc. What the pair found is that these faces registered far higher ‘contempt’ than the normies. That sneering, condescending emotion accounts for around 5.76 percent of the resting expression for those afflicted with RBF.”

— Vice writer Maddison Connaughton explaining the scientific basis behind Resting Bitch Face. If you’ve never heard of RBF, this parody medical commercial explains the phenomenon pretty well.

While researchers in Prague and the Czech Republic claim that facial measurements can identify gay people, such claims have been met with derision and alarm, especially as facial recognition software threatens dissidents of our ever-expanding surveillance culture.

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