This Guy Tried ‘Scrotox’, Botox Injected Into His Scrotum

This Guy Tried ‘Scrotox’, Botox Injected Into His Scrotum

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We’ve already told you about the wonders of anal botox, but(t) did you know that you can also get cosmetic botox injections for your scrotum? It’s jokingly called “Scrotox” and it’s supposed to make the scrotum smooth and dangly. It can also prevent excessive groin sweat or relax a painful contraction of the testes. writer Grant Stoddard tried Scrotox and wrote all about it. Here’s what we learned about how it works:


Botox and its uses

Botox is a commercially marketed protein enzyme derived from a deadly neurotoxin called botulinum toxin. In small doses, Botox is medically used to treat crossed eyes, muscle stiffness and spasms and migraines, but cosmetically it’s used to smooth facial muscles, help get rid of wrinkles and even stop underarm sweating.

Anally, Botox can help paralyze the anus’ sphincter muscles and making it more capable of taking bigger objects.


How Scrotox prevents testicular wrinkles (and why that might be bad)

While you might like the idea of using Scrotox to smooth out your testicular wrinkles, Seth Cohen, a urologist and professor at the NYU Langone Health in New York, says that might not be a good idea.

“The wrinkles on your scrotum are there because they’re functional. They protect you from injury and help your testicles to safely produce sperm.”

Cohen explains that the scrotum’s wrinkles help it shrink and grow to help maintain the ideal temperature for the testicles to create sperm (about 95 degrees fahrenheit or 35 degrees celsius, by the way). The scrotum also shrinks to prevent injury when you’re walking, riding a bike or rolling around during sex.

“If you relax the scrotum [with botox] the function of the cremasteric muscle (that retracts the scrotum) is not working, then you’re putting your testicles at risk for trauma,” Cohen says.


The Scrotox procedure and its effects

To administer Scrotox, doctors apply a numbing anesthetic gel on your scrotum and then do multiple small injections of the enzyme. The injections take about 10 minutes after the numbing gel starts working.

Because it’s derived from a neurotoxin that paralyzes muscles, doctor have to use a small preset amount or else risk getting some into the bloodstream, potentially paralyzing the heart and lungs.

Scrotox immobilizes the cremasteric muscle for about three to four months, giving testicles a smooth, low-hanging appearance that some may find appealing as they flop around and smack different body parts during sex.

As we mentioned, Scrotox can also stop sweating if you get musky down there and can prevent the scrotum from contracting too tightly if you have sensitive testicles.

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