A Colorado Man Was Just Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison for Sex Trafficking

A Colorado Man Was Just Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison for Sex Trafficking

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Sean Crumpler, a 50-year-old Colorado man was sentenced Monday to 50 years in prison. Crumpler was originally charged with 21 counts of sex trafficking in 2015, however that was reduced to three counts to which he pled guilty.

Crumpler was arrested when he was discovered living with twelve young men, aged between 16 and 21. The age of consent in Colorado is 17.

Crumpler would offer gay runaways a place to live. He preyed upon young men who had been thrown out of their house for coming out. An anonymous source who dated one of Crumpler’s victims told Fox affiliate KDVR about him:

When he got kicked out, he was on the streets of Denver for four to five months where he got hooked on meth and he got beat up. At one point, he got all of his teeth kicked out and so sort of a knight in shining armor [Crumpler] comes in and says he’ll take care of everything, all the medical bills, dental bills, all the drugs that you could want.

Crumpler said it was free housing — it wasn’t; all the boys were expected to have unprotected sex with him whenever he wanted. Crumpler is HIV positive — the arrest affidavit claims at at least one of his victims knew.

While prosecutors refused to say if any of his victims tested positive for HIV, it’s believed that some of the other boys in the house were positive, and were taking medication to suppress the virus.

Those who stayed with Crumpler were also forced to get tattoos with his name. KDVR’s source explained the tattoos were to keep “away all the other ‘sugar daddies’ when they are out partying or at the club.”

The young men sometimes didn’t realize they were being taken advantage of. Those living in the “Orgy House” spent time with video games, Netflix and making pornography.

Though Crumpler plead guilty, he hadn’t learned anything. While out on bail, he was arrested again for breaking the conditions placed on him. Crumpler was only supposed to use the internet for work (he was a computer engineer) and he was ordered to stay away from minors.

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On January 5, Crumpler was arrested for housing two minors at a nearby hotel. The minors told detectives that Crumpler had been paying for everything. They stated that while Crumpler knew they were underage, he did not have sex with them.

In addition to spending 50 years in prison, Crumpler was also ordered to donate money to a homeless youth organization. When he is released, he will serve five years on parole.

An accomplice estimated Crumpler victimized between 150 and 175 boys over two years.

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