Seattle Mayor: We Will Remain a “Sanctuary City” For Immigrants and Refugees

Seattle Mayor: We Will Remain a “Sanctuary City” For Immigrants and Refugees

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While we’ll soon be living in Donald Trump‘s America, it’s always important to remember that the United States isn’t a hegemony. It’s set up so states and cities can act how they feel is right.

And yes, we realize exactly how weird it is to make a “states rights” argument from the progressive side. But it’s true — and we’ve seen that in Seattle, Washington yesterday.


Openly gay mayor Ed Murray held a press conference with his fellow Seattle leaders to condemn Trump — and then doubled down. Murray said Seattle would stay a “sanctuary city” — meaning that, even if the city loses federal funding, Seattle will shelter illegal immigrants, LGBTQ people and other groups Trump and Pence have gone after.

Seattle is known for its progressivism. Other items on the ballot this year included a statewide raising of the minimum wage to $13.50. (Last year, Seattle raised the minimum wage in its borders to $15.) Not just that, but it’s one of the only cities with a Socialist Alternative party member on its city council — and Seattle elected her twice!

It’s also important to point out that cities in general are more progressive. The Stranger published an insightful article in 2004, after George W. Bush’s re-election, called “The Urban Archipelago.” The article points out that it’s big cities that turn states blue — and why? Mainly because people of all stripes live in big cities. It’s harder to hate Muslims when your cool neighbor’s one.

So all is not lost — and we’ll bet that as Trump takes office, we’ll see more “sanctuary cities” pop up. Hell, they’re already there — they just haven’t announced it yet.

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