See? Obama Does Support Gay Marriage! Big Time!

See? Obama Does Support Gay Marriage! Big Time!

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The Windy City Times got their breezy paws on a 1996 letter from then aspiring 13th District State Senator Barack Obama. In it, the young politician outlines 9 priorities in his campaign.

#2 I do not favor a statewide registry of names of people who test positive for HIV. (+1 Gay-friendly points.)

#3 I favor an increase in funding for state AIDS services. (+3 Gay-friendly points!)

#6 I favor legalizing same-sex marriages , and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages. (JACKPOT! Ding ding ding ding ding!)

This memo confirms what many have always suspected; Obama does believe in the necessity for same-sex marriage. His constantly evolving position on the subject probably has more to do with positioning himself as a political moderate in an effort to actually make real change in our country. The president doesn’t need Joe Solmonese and the HRC whispering in his ear – he already wants the same things we do. Namely, full and equal rights for gay Americans.

We hardly want to be accused of taking his inch and running a mile with it, but it’s possible that a bill for federal legalization of same-sex marriage is possible during Obama’s tenure as president. Whether you love what he’s done or not while in office, you’ve got to admit that recent events have catalyzed his effectiveness much in the same way that former President George W. Bush only became truly effective after the events of 9/11. We’re finally getting the Obama we voted for – one who is bringing us CHANGE.

This memo certainly has our ears perked up, and last night’s State of the Union address has us falling in love with our country’s top guy all over again (Hello, no more tax breaks for oil companies!  Nice to meet you, 80% of the country powered by renewable energy sources by 2035!).

Hang in there homos. Your president believes in you. Even if he can’t come right out and shout it from the mountaintop in our current political climate.

Are you excited to see proof that Obama supports gay marriage? Relieved? You tell us!

Via Windy City Times

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