Selena Gomez Superfan Beaten to Death By His Own Father Because He Was Gay

Selena Gomez Superfan Beaten to Death By His Own Father Because He Was Gay

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A 16-year-old Brazilian teenager Gabryel Magalhães, known as Gabryel Selenator on social media, was beaten to death by his own father after he reportedly found out he was gay. According to information from the News Rondonia portal, the boy was killed on December 20 in Tianguá, Serra da Ibiapaba. Magalhães was a huge Selena Gomez fan, and many of the singer’s fans have taken to social media to express their sadness over the teenage boy’s tragic passing.

In a Facebook post, the boy’s grandmother said her grandson suffered physical and psychological abuse. Translated from Portuguese, she wrote:

“It is with regret that I announce the departure of my beloved Gabryel Magalhães. My companion of all hours, with big heart, serene spirit and just wanted peace, “wrote his grandmother, Aurelidia Ramos in the social network. “It did not need so many physical and psychological assaults. He died while being beaten, until he passed out. My heart is shredded so badly, “she said.

Magalhães was known on social media as Gabryel Selenator for being very a huge fan of the singer Selena Gomez. On Twitter, the #RIPGabryelSelenator hashtag trended Sunday evening. Users of the social network said that the teenager and Selena Gomez fan died as a victim of homophobia.

One account announced: “A Brazilian Selenator named Gabryel was murdered today by his own father when he came out as gay. We are so sad that people can’t be themselves in this day & age and are scared to come out. We love you & we will miss you so much. Rest in peace angel.”

Another added: “This is devastating. I wonder how many will have to die until we’re all equal. This boy was killed by someone who was supposed to defend him. This is unacceptable. Gabryel is now a bright star in the sky. Forever in our hearts.”

One other person wrote, “A selenator was killed by his own father because of being gay. It is 2017 AND WE ARE STILL DEALING WITH THINGS LIKE THIS. LGBTQ people are being killed for being who they are and its UPSETTING,  WRONG and DISGUSTING.”

Gomez, who is the most followed person on Instagram, has yet to make a comment or post about Magalhães.

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