The Ultra-Queer Sci-Fi Series ‘Sense8’ Just Gave Fans a Quick Peek Into Its Finale Episode

The Ultra-Queer Sci-Fi Series ‘Sense8’ Just Gave Fans a Quick Peek Into Its Finale Episode

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This past June, Sense8 — the Wachowski Sisters’ incredibly queer sci-fi series that was cancelled after just two seasons and a Christmas special — announced that it would wrap up with a two-hour finale episode. In anticipation of its eventual 2018 release, the show’s creators recently released a behind-the-scenes Sense8 video of the finale showing some of the characters and locations from the final episode as well as the usual warmth and community spirit that has become the series’ trademark.

The series is about eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly become “sensates,” people who are mentally and emotionally linked. In addition to being renowned for featuring many LGBTQ characters (and the occasional steamy make out and telepathic orgy scenes), the show also won 27th Annual GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Drama Series in 2016.

A huge fan outcry followed the show’s unexpectedly cancellation by Netflix in June 2017, leaving several storylines unfinished — like whether Sun, the Korean ex-CFO and kickboxer, would take revenge on her corrupt brother after going to prison for his crimes and whether Kala, the Indian chemist, and Wolfgang, the German gangster, would ever find love in one another’s arms.

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In an August 2017 video, Sense8‘s openly transgender creator Lana Wachowski, released a 15-minute video thanking fans for helping convince Netflix into giving the show a proper send-off. In the video, she said:

Sense8 is different than most shows. I know that. It’s different on purpose. I know its sounds naive maybe even cheesy, but I wanted to show where anyone from any part of the world could be the hero. I wanted to show where women could be the best fighters and men could be sensitive. I wanted a show where anyone could fall in love and live happily ever after because when I was a little kid, those kind of shows did not exist.”

Here is the preview video for the Sense8 finale:

In the Sense8 finale preview video, Freema Agyeman — the actress who plays Amanita, the fiancée of trans hacker Nomi Marks — said, “The minute the decision was made, everything has been super speedy, incredibly high octane — everything had to go go go.”

Tuppence Middleton, the actress who plays Riley, the Icelandic DJ haunted by her drug dealing past, said, “We all bleed when we’re cut. We all have the same thoughts. We all feel grief and love. It’s always been about that common humanity. It’s a show that is for everyone.”

In the video, the actors and crew also say that they ran into crowds of fans at many of their shooting locations and felt empowered by their love and support, hoping to infuse that community energy into the finale itself.

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