This Sexy ‘Sense8′ Scene Gives Us Major Summer Lovin’ Goals (Video)

This Sexy ‘Sense8′ Scene Gives Us Major Summer Lovin’ Goals (Video)

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There’s been a whole lot more gay sex on television lately and we are here for it! Shows like American Gods and Sense8 are portraying queer love in a radically authentic way, pushing boundaries that other shows cowardly never challenge.

On Sunday night, American Gods featured the most explicit gay sex scene ever to be aired on mainstream television.

“We felt like for Salim, as a man coming from a country that throws you off the top of buildings if you’re gay, a blow job in an alley is probably his only sexual experience,” American Gods showrunner Bryan Fuller said.

“We felt like the djinn, in this romantic gesture, wanted to give him a more intimate sexual experience. We wanted it to be incredibly visual and gorgeous. We wanted those things not to be lurid, but to be beautiful and captivating and for heterosexuals to watch the love scene between these two men and not go ‘Ew,’ but go, ‘That’s gorgeous.’”

Another show showcasing gay sex and love is Sense8, the Wachowski sisters’ queer sci-fi Netflix series. Thankfully we don’t have to keep watching the crappy gay porn parodyEarlier this month, Sense8 returned to Netflix for a second season! The show celebrates diversity is by far one of the most inclusive shows currently streaming.

Our favorite couple on the show is Lito and Hernando, played by Miquel Angel Silvestre and Alfonso Herrea respectively.

How is Sense8 season 2 different from the first one?

“They start to find out what’s really going on,” Silvestre, who plays Lito told NewNowNext. “You start to see them working together. You see them at their best and their worst.”

“Not everything is going to be a bed or roses for Lito,” says Silvestre. “He’s found satisfaction being himself, but now he struggles in his career in his homeland. Elsewhere, though, he’ll learn it’s being seen differently.”

In one hot sandy scene, Lito and Hernando share an intimate moment together on a beach, giving us some major summer loving goals.

Watch the sandy Sense8 scene right here:

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