Our Favorite New York Go-Go Boy Just Announced He’s Moving to Brazil

Our Favorite New York Go-Go Boy Just Announced He’s Moving to Brazil

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Seth Fornea has spent many years working hard in the gay community of New York City. His work as a model, go-go boy, adult entertainer and spokesperson is about to cross the equator full time, as he just announced he’s making a life changing move to Brazil.

In a video posted to his Facebook page that boasts almost 400,000 followers, he shared the news, first explaining he just spent a month in Brazil and that he’s fulfilling a life time dream by moving there.

“It was amazing for me,” Fornea revealed. “That was my eighth trip to Brazil but the first time I could actually talk to people because I had finished a Portuguese class in New York. That made a huge difference because I could actually talk to people.”

“So you ready for the big news? Because it’s huge news for me. I am coming to you from my bedroom here in New York City and I am going to be in this bedroom for only about 15 more days.”

“I am moving to Brazil at the end of January. I am moving to São Paulo. I am going to try life in Brazil. It’s really exciting for me because I am really… totally dive into the Portuguese language. I want to see all of Brazil that I can. Brazil has 27 states and so far, I have seen four. So I can’t wait to try and see the rest.”

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Fornea continues to talk about the site Only Fans, where he posts original adult content. “I’m posting original material,” he shares. “It’s new stuff that’s not anywhere else. It’s me having sex, me in the shower, me on sexual adventures, jerking off. There are cum shots. It’s me playing with toys, playing with flesh jacks. It’s totally X-rated and there is not much left to the imagination.”

Fornea cites his ability to make money through his super-popular porn star ass scrub Studio Ready and personal porn site Only Fans as the main reason he’s able to live out one of his dreams and move to Brazil.

“So if you’re supporting me on Only Fans, I just wanted to let you know and to thank you so much. Because I am getting to try out living in another country because of you and that’s really special.”

Watch Seth Fornea’s video below:

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