Seth Rogen Is Trying to Reason with Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter, But Will It Work?

Seth Rogen Is Trying to Reason with Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter, But Will It Work?

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Following Donald Trump’s shit show of a press conference on Thursday morning (check out our top 10 list of WTF?! moments here), one of our favorite comedians decided to take matters into his own hands. When Seth Rogen—star of the films Knocked Up, Neighbors and Sausage Party and hunky icon to the gay bear community (just look here for proof, link NSFW)—noticed that Donald Trump Jr. followed him on Twitter, he felt it was his duty to reach out and try to save the world.

If Twitter is the president’s preferred method of communication, why not try to use it to reach his son?

First, Rogen started with a direct tweet. You know, all casual-like.

But when he didn’t get a response, Rogen decided that maybe he needs more than the 140-character limit allows, hence the DM.

Then Rogen realized that having the ear (or in this case the eyeballs) of the POTUS’ son is kinda a big deal, so maybe he should ask for more than his father’s resignation.

Alas, it doesn’t look like Donald Trump Jr. has any plans to respond to the actor. Maybe it’s because Rogen came off as a weirdo? Once more, to quash any idea that Rogen is, like, unstable or something …

Who knows if Donald Trump Jr. is ever gonna get the balls to respond to Rogen, but here’s betting that if he does, the entire Twitterverse will be the first to find out.


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