What Could Happen in the Third (Rumored) ‘Sex and the City’ Film

What Could Happen in the Third (Rumored) ‘Sex and the City’ Film

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The long-standing rumor of another Sex and the City movie has just started up again. On the heels of Sarah Jessica Parker’s new HBO series Divorce, Parker told the Press Association that the return of SATC remains a “possibility.”

“I don’t think any of us have said no,” she told The Guardian. “I don’t know whether it’s a series or the movie. I think that remains an open question and discussion that will continue until it’s been resolved. I think that’s always a possibility, definitely.”

If that’s not enough for unsatisfied fans of the sequel, two years ago Parker and the show’s producer told Harper’s Bazaar they had a plot. Regardless, this rumor picks up more and more steam each year.

As much as fans and critics alike had varying (mostly negative) thoughts about Sex And The City 2, a third installment is needed and here’s why: At the end of SATC 2, we see each character get back to their normal lives after returning from a wild, fantasy trip in Abu Dhabi. Miranda joins a new law firm, Samantha continues a date gone wrong, Charlotte celebrates the third birthday of baby Rose, while Carrie and Big settle comfortably into married life.

It’s not as if anything was unresolved, but it’d be exciting to see how the lives of our four, perfect archetypal characters have developed since we last saw them in 2010. Let’s imagine what would happen in a third installment, shall we? 

Samantha Jones

As the oldest and most outspoken of the bunch, Jones’s main love is sex. Throughout the series we see her maintain a successful PR firm while having all the sex possible in New York City. By the end of the series, Jones is diagnosed with breast cancer and finally finds love in the form of off-Broadway actor turned global acting star, Smith Jerrod — but that relationship fizzled in the first SATC film.

Back to her old ways, Jones picked up where she left off in the sequel where we last see her fucking on the hood of a Mercedes Benz G-Class. But what has our self-proclaimed “try-sexual” been doing since then?

Jones has probably sold her PR firm and continues to live in NYC in the Meatpacking District. Jones now lends her name to charities and fundraisers closely related to breast cancer awareness. While she still has men wrapped around her finger, Jones wants another relationship — but she’s not sure if it’s with Smith Jerrod or a new man that she’s found online (oh my).

Charlotte York-Goldenblatt

As the friend who places more emphasis on love and emotion in regards to relationships, this art dealer was seen throughout the TV series desperately seeking “true love” on the Upper East Side. She found love in the most dramatic way — Trey McDougal saved her from being run over by a cab and it was love at first sight. After struggling with sexual impotence and not being able to get pregnant, York and Trey got a divorce.

York ends up falling in love with her divorce lawyer, Harry Goldenblatt, but pregnancy becomes a struggle yet again; this time, however, her husband’s love keeps York grounded. By the end of the series, York and Harry adopted a baby from China.

Fast forward to SATC 2: York is a mommy of two with a happy husband. So now what? Well, by now, York would most definitely be the superstar mom of the Upper East Side living life post-Wednesday Martin’s tell-all book, Primates of Park Avenue.  York’s girls, Lily (12) and Rose (9) may have been sent to an all-girls school — but it would be great to see how the two children have grown up and matured in a technology saturated world.

Miranda Hobbes

Hobbes has always been a type-A personality, a career-minded lawyer whose extremely cynical view of men and relationship is the opposite of how she acts towards her best friend Carrie (namely, as the voice of reason and a true confidante). Hobbes goes through a string of relationships, has a baby with a bartender who she only saw as a one-night stand, and finally ends up with her baby’s daddy, Steve Brady (the aforementioned bartender).

In the first SATC movie, Steve admits to having an affair — Miranda insists on moving out and after a year of counseling, she and Steve poetically reconcile on the Brooklyn Bridge (the halfway point between their respective homes). Now that it’s 2016, Miranda and Steve are more in love than ever, even though Miranda has found a new love… Netflix, an appropriate replacement of her previous obsession, TiVo (Long live the early 2000s!). Steve is thinking of expanding his bar business and the couple is also struggling to understand their son, Brady, as he continues to withdraw from the couple. Could this be a coming out subplot?  Or is he just being a defiant teenager?

Carrie Bradshaw

The girl who moved to NYC for love found something bigger than what she expected. A columnist for the fictional newspaper The New York Star, Bradshaw centered her column around her sexual conquest and those of her close friends (Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha). Bradshaw’s columns are eventually turned into a book and she begins to freelance for Vogue.

Notoriously led by her emotions, Bradshaw jumps from one failed relationship to another but eventually marries her true love, John James Preston, better known as “Mr. Big.” Now that it’s 2016, Carrie and Big are getting ready to celebrate their eight-year wedding anniversary while Carrie is in the process of writing a new book and promoting her most recent book release. Carrie is also confronted with the idea of growing her audience via blogging and social media, a concept she feels wary about seeing as she’s an in-person romantic.

The backdrop of the third installment will be our fifth stylish woman — New York City herself! Unlike, the second film, the majority of SATC 3 won’t feature an all-girls getaway. Keeping it real in NYC will almost make up for the over-the-top glamour of the second movie. After all, SATC rose from humble beginnings to the iconic global franchise it is today, so a third installment must happen!

But as Parker told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, she isn’t able to put the likelihood of a third SATC film into percentages: “There’s this old-fashioned thing called a warming drawer, and it keeps the plates warm so that when you serve the main course, the food stays warm,” she said. “So I have been saying it’s in the warming drawer.”

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