Sex Worker Dies of Meth Overdose in an Influential Democratic Donor’s West Hollywood Home

Sex Worker Dies of Meth Overdose in an Influential Democratic Donor’s West Hollywood Home

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The mother of 26-year-old sex worker Gemmel Moore has accused 62-year-old Edward Buck, “one of California’s most prolific and substantial Democratic political donors,” of coercing Moore to use mass amounts of methamphetamines, leading to Moore’s  eventual death by overdose in Buck’s West Hollywood home at 7:22 p.m. on Thursday, July 27, 2017.

Although the Los Angeles County Coroner has officially ruled Moore’s death an accident, Moore’s mother LaTisha Nixon says she would like Buck to face prosecution under California’s Drug Dealer Liability Act of 2005, a law which punishes people who “market illegal controlled substances” by forcing them to pay damages to parents and others harmed by the drug’s effects.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department didn’t discover any drugs or paraphernalia at Buck’s home. However, Nixon says that a friend of her son’s who also served as a sex worker to Buck claimed that Buck got off on watching young black men consume large amounts of meth.

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Her son’s sex worker friend allegedly convinced her that Buck would regularly “supply heroin, meth and other drugs to him to smoke or use with a needle … [and] pleasure himself at the sight of my son using drugs.” She also says that Buck made her son go out to “Santa Monica Boulevard looking for young gay black guys so he could inject them with drugs, see their reaction and how [they] would react and take pictures of them.”

Nixon claims that her son called a year ago in a panic after Buck allegedly, non-consensually injected drugs into his arm. She says Moore sent her pictures of his reddened arm after the fact and that Moore also filed a police report on the matter, although journalists have yet to locate the alleged report.

Lastly, Nixon also claims that Buck bought her son a plane ticket to travel from Texas to California shortly before his death.

Buck with Hilary Clinton

Although Buck has not yet responded to journalist inquiries, he is a well-known political donor. He is a one-time Republican who moved to southern California from Arizona several years ago. He has given gracious donations to Hilary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, Los Angeles city council races as well as the California and L.A. County Democratic Parties and the chair of Stonewall Democratic Club’s Political Affairs Committee, an organization for LGBTQ Democrats.

There is a GoFundMe campaign to help Nixon and his family pay for Moore’s funeral costs. So far it has raised $3,465 of its $5,000 goal.

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