Hate Your Job? Have Sex Before Going in, New Study Says

Hate Your Job? Have Sex Before Going in, New Study Says

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A recent study concluded sex in the evening or morning before work improves people’s attitudes and engagement in their jobs for 24 hours. Conversely, researchers found that when job stress spills over into employees’ home lives, it reduces the likelihood of sex — bah! Put down the work e-mails and come to bed, lover.

Researchers from the University of Oregon and Oregon State University surveyed 159 married couples (straight, gay and bisexual) each morning and evening over two weeks and concluded that sex has a positive workplace effect regardless of gender or marital status (that is, sex improves your workplace attitude even if you’re not married). Sex also had a positive impact on individuals who had rocky marriages or crappy sleep.

“Sex makes life better,” said co-researcher David T. Wagner, a professor at the University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business. He added that the sexual workplace boost may come from oxytocin and other neurochemicals released during sex which make people feel more connected to each other.

These findings are especially interesting considering the recent news of a Swedish politician who suggested giving employees paid sex breaks — sex breaks could improve workplace morale! We demand all jobs start providing sex breaks immediately.

Wagner and his co-researcher published their study, entitled “From the Bedroom to the Office: Workplace Spillover Effects of Marital Sexual Activity,” in the Journal of Management.

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