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FND Films, gay kiss, gay blog

Sexiest Ad Ever: Celery

FND Films, gay kiss, gay blog
Celery got me looking so crazy right now.
Is that the Jolly Green Giant in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?
Celery, the oft-quoted negative calorie food, has never been a welcome addition to this my household’s pantry. It’s stringy and bland and it tastes almost medicinal to me. Even when paired with buffalo wings, the maligned vegetable rarely makes it into my gullet.

But holy green vegetables do I suddenly have a craving for the stuff. Don’t skip ahead, don’t fast forward. Patience, celeryhopper. Enjoy!

Mmm…celery. While technically not a true ad, I’m going to argue that this short film has done more positive PR for the veggie than anyone else has in decades. What’s the last celery promotion you saw? But a jar of peanut butter and a bag of raisins, and get a stalk free? No, no. This is the future of celery right here, and we’re happy to add it to our Unicorn Booty Sexiest Ads Ever collection.


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