G’day, Mate! Check Out Australia’s Sexiest #HornetGuys Sex

G’day, Mate! Check Out Australia’s Sexiest #HornetGuys

Written by Ricardo Peralta on December 01, 2016
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Have you ever been down under? You’ll be booking your flight on Qantas after seeing our hottest #HornetGuys from Australia! And, of course, this is just a taste of what Hornet has to offer!


HornetGuys, Australian Hornet Guys
Our #HornetGuy of the day is this sexy Australian man from Sydney. He is a very charming 24-year-old boy named Julian, but you can call him Jules. He enjoys sports and loves getting dirty while playing. Jules is very friendly and he considers himself an everyday guy, sometimes scruffy, sometimes not — he can be whatever you prefer. His perfect date is doing something really unpredictable and fun. He loves being surrounded by friends and he says people tell him he has great ASSets. He welcomes you to start the conversation and chat with him on Hornet: hrnt.me/am1q2


Hornet Guys Australian, Australian Hornet Guys, Hornet Guy Shawn, our #HornetGuy of the day is a very sexy twink from Australia, he’s 26 years old and lives in Sydney. He’s the kind of guy who fixes everything, a guy who’s always on the go, always has things to do, people to visit or places to attend. Will you join him on his adventures? He’s fun, energetic and uncomplicated. When it comes to a “perfect date”, Shawn says he doesn’t have high expectations and he’s not demanding. The most important thing is a connection and making everyone comfortable. His motto is “Just be you and people will love you for it.” Get to know more about Shawn and his incredible attitude at hrnt.me/gcdpv — it will be amazing!


14976337_1333598826651145_5062825891736568355_o Today’s #HornetGuy is a very creative (and kind of unusual) person! His name is Bren, lives in Sydney and we could say he’s UBER cool! By day Bren is a pole dancer, a dog shelter volunteer and a unicorn on Instagram (@doyouevenunicorn) — that’s right, he’s a real UNICORN! How cool is that? By night he is a homebody that loves to cook — so pour some wine! Just don’t sit in his spot — he’s got a comfy ass-groove in his couch from watching Broad City! He is looking for a long-term relationship. Cheese, memes and the ’80s are the way to his heart — and his heart is where you can find David Attenborough nestled perfectly between his rescued alley cat and zombie movies. Once he broke his rib while pole dancing. As you can see Bren is such a fun/great guy to be around, so you better go hit him up on Hornet: hrnt.me/6au3a — and did we mention he is hot AF? Don’t forget to check out his Instagram as well, you’ll love it!


Hornet Guys London, London Hornet Guys Today our #HornetGuy is an Aussie, all the way from Sydney! Meet Lex! This pretty boy is 32 years old, single, quite tall and he’s the hairy man you were looking for to fulfill all your fantasies! Laid back and professional, Lex enjoys the outdoors and has an active beach lifestyle. Lex loves to crack a joke and he laughs very loud! He prefers getting up for a swim and brunch at the beach, rather than a boozy night out. Lex enjoys life and he wants to enjoy it with you, so go hit him up on Hornet: hrnt.me/lexlutherjnr, This guy’s definitely a keeper!


HornetGuys, Hornet Sexy Guys This sexy beast’s name is Oliver and he’s from Australia! Find him here: https://hrnt.me/9m70t. His ideal weekend is spent communing with nature — or hanging out at the beach with a good book.

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