Sexual Health Providers Using Eggplant Emojis And Condom Pokémon To Reach Young People

Sexual Health Providers Using Eggplant Emojis And Condom Pokémon To Reach Young People

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Considering that Pokémon Go is popular among young folks — nearly 60 percent of people playing the mobile monster-catching game are between ages 18 and 24 — the sexual education non-profit Advocates for Youth and a midwestern Planned Parenthood have created a new condom Pokémon to remind players of the things they don’t want to catch; like gonorrhea and hepatitis.

And he’s studded for your pleasure — oooooOOOOOOooooohhhh!

This ribbed Pokémon is just one example of sexual health providers trying to speak young people’s language. New York City Health & Hospitals is trying something similar with a new social media campaign that uses emojis to encourage folks between ages 12 and 21 “to seek confidential care for sexual and reproductive health, like testing for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, at one of the 20 YouthHealth centers across the five boroughs,” says The New York Times.

Some of their other emoji images include the “speak no evil” monkey covering its mouth and the peach (normally used to indicate someone’s butt). Alongside these images run messages like “Need to talk about ‘it’?” and links to the NYC Health & Hospitals youth pages.

The campaign has already begun rolling out on Instagram and Facebook. In New York, you do not need parental consent to get an STD screening or a pregnancy test, but NYC Health & Hospitals worry that young people may not know that they offer these services confidentially.

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