sex mascots teaser
sex mascots teaser

These 6 Sex Mascots Will Either Make You Giggle or Make You Very Uncomfortable (NSFW)

Historically speaking, mascots have typically brought good luck and brand exposure to sports teams, schools and name brands. But considering the expansiveness of the sex industry, we began to wonder if there were any famous “sex mascots.” It turns out there are, and here are six of our favorite sex mascots!

1. Kan-chan, the Japanese Enema

sex mascots 01, Kan-chan

In 2016, the Figs corporation held a contest for designers to create a mascot for Ichijiku Pharmaceuticals’ enema line. The result was Kan-chan, a pink, fuzzy female enema that actually looks more like an Angry Bird. Kan-chan is a play off of the Japanese word for enema, kanchou. Kan-chan is also available in a smaller, toy version.


2. Scrotie, the Unofficial RISD Mascot

sex mascots 02, Scrotie, the unofficial RISD mascot
image by Jared Zimmerman

Considering the Rhode Island School of Design’s basketball team is called the “Balls” and its hockey team is called the “Nads,” it’s not entirely surprising that some enterprising design students in 2005 went ahead and created Scrotie, the school’s waaaaay-unofficial mascot. We have a feeling he’s not welcome to many on-campus events, though.


3. Com-chan, the Japanese Condom

sex mascots 03, Com-chan
Com-chan, the Japanese condom mascot

In 2013, Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture (the region containing the capitol of Tokyo), unveiled “Com-chan,” a plush condom mascot meant to inform local youth about HIV prevention. It looked a lot like Hello Kitty, even down to the whiskers and the cute little bow on its head.


4. The Healthy Penis, San Francisco’s Sexual Health Mascot

sex mascot 08, The Healthy Penis

San Francisco’s Department of Public Health apparently has a six-foot-tall Healthy Penis mascot that attends parades and public events as a way to convince gay and bisexual men to get tested for sexually transmitted infections. He even comes (aha!) in three different skin colors so black and Latino men won’t feel left out.

The penises were introduced in 2002, went into retirement in 2006, came back in 2009 and then returned in 2013. They even hand out penis-shaped squeeze toys for people who just want to nervously squeeze a penis (i.e., most of us).

But The Healthy Penis also has an enemy…


5. Phil the Syphilis Sore

sex mascots 06, Phil the Syphilis Sore

For several years around 2006, Los Angeles County health officials used Phil the Sore, “a pus-filled red cartoon character sporting an angry frown, a buzz cut and an earring” to warn people about syphilis.

During his existence, he got criticized for not doing enough to stem the L.A. syphilis epidemic, but he still got an appearance on The Daily Show on Comedy Central.


6. Biff, the Titan Mascot

Sadly, this last mascot is a fictional one from the 1987 sci-fi sketch comedy spoof “Amazon Women on the Moon.” In the sketch, a young clean-cut teenager named George nervously goes into his neighborhood drug store to buy condoms for his hot date with Violet.

Unfortunately, Mr. Gower, the elderly pharmacist who has known George since he was a baby, is behind the counter, and George’s purchase doesn’t go exactly as planned — especially since he’s Titan Condoms’ one billionth customer, a dubious honor that lets him meet Biff, the Titan condom mascot.

Biff seems friendly enough — he’s got a big smile — but poor George doesn’t seem to want all the attention.



Featured image by DorianGray via iStock