sexy abc news reporter James Longman, sexy BBC News reporter 12
sexy abc news reporter James Longman, sexy BBC News reporter 12

Don’t Let These 10 Shots of Sexy ABC News Reporter James Longman Distract You From His Excellent Work

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Openly gay, 30-year-old BBC news reporter James Longman specializes in Syrian and Middle Eastern issues; speaks fluent English, French and Arabic; and has a shredded body that makes us wish he broadcasted shirtless.

Cosmopolitan recently claimed that Longman “is distracting everyone with his good looks.” In that way, he’s a bit like hunky Italian math teacher Pietro Boselli — how can anyone pay attention to their work when we’re so busy getting turned on by their bodies?

Naturally, it’s important not to reduce sexy guys down to just their good looks, so let’s take this moment to recognize Longman’s good work. He has spoken openly about his family’s history of mental illness, has focused on drug use and sex work in the U.K. and uses his Twitter account to analyze media, even as he helps to create it….

… and he’s also really really really sexy. Surely both are important, no?

Update (June 9, 2017): Longman has recently been hired by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) to serve as a foreign correspondent based at their London bureau. He starts the new gig on Monday.

(Photos via James Longman’s Instagram)

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