This Instagram Account Devoted to Sexy Asian Men Will Melt Your Screen

This Instagram Account Devoted to Sexy Asian Men Will Melt Your Screen

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IsHotAsianMan is a sizzling Instagram account filled to the brim with sexy Asian men, flexing and showing off their buffness for everyone to enjoy. We recently discovered the account while browsing through the photo-sharing platform and we just had to share.

Unfortuantely, American media rarely presents Asian guys as sexy or desirable, so we always love finding media that does just that.

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Old-timey racist U.S. laws emasculated Asian men for decades and contemporary pop-culture depictions of Asian guys are largely unflattering, depicting them as nerdy, over-sexed, heavily accented stereotypes.

Projects like IsHotAsianMen push back against those depictions and let us see Asian guys as they see themselves (or at least, how they want to be seen).

The account includes images from guys who tag their photos with #IsHotAsianMen and it features guys from all around the world (including some videos of men flexing, stripping down and working out).

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It has become our new favorite Instagram account and when you see the pics below, we’re sure you’ll start following them too.


Here are 22 of the hottest pics from IsHotAsianMen:

Who photographs the photographer?

Traveling with a friend.

A brief bit of relaxation.

He’s got us smiling, too.

We’d like to be his flotation device.

Locked out with a jock.

Going wild for his leopard-print g-string!

Towel time with a gym buddy.


He’s a habit we wouldn’t wanna kick!

Beach time with a beautiful babe.

A hot hotel snapshot.

Give in to the Asian persuasion.

He’s turning pool time into drool time.

A stunning ocean god.

Tropical heat among the fronds.

This mustached hottie is teasing and pleasing.

Dat leg tho.

We’re waterfallin’ for this fella.

Think pink.

Tattoos and speedos? Yes, please!

This guy is hot and sexy in NYC.


Featured image via IsHotAsianMen Instagram account

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