‘PC Gamer’ Is On a Noble Quest to Troll Homophobes With Sexy Bathtub Geralt Entertainment

‘PC Gamer’ Is On a Noble Quest to Troll Homophobes With Sexy Bathtub Geralt

Written by R. S. Benedict on November 12, 2019
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PC Gamer has spent the past few years on a noble quest to annoy homophobic nerds by gratuitously posting “Sexy Bathtub Geralt,” an image of the hero of The Witcher series having a bath with his feet up.

Most gaming publications would probably use an image of the hero in armor battling monsters or something, but PC Gamer chooses to show Geralt naked and wet. The magazine uses the image at every opportunity in articles and tweets:

… Even when it’s not really relevant at all.

By now, overuse of the image has become a bit of a running gag for PC Gamer.

Where does Sexy Bathtub Geralt come from?

The image is a screenshot from a scene from The Witcher 3 in which Geralt stops for a relaxing bath.

The Witcher series mainly focuses on fantasy heroics, but it does stop to look at butts from time to time.

So why use that image so much?

PC Gamer seems to be having a bit of fun trolling obnoxious gamers who demand sexually objectified female characters but freak out over objectified male characters. It’s striking a blow for gender equality, in an admittedly silly way.

A few readers hate the running gag …

… but most have come to love it.

One male model even brought Sexy Bathtub Geralt to life in a Witcher-themed cosplay calendar:

Sexy Bathtub Geralt Cosplay
Sexy Bathtub Geralt in the flesh (via Facebook)

What lies ahead for Sexy Bathtub Geralt?

By now, Sexy Bathtub Geralt is a proud, long-running tradition for PC Gamer. But how long will this tradition last? The image comes from The Witcher 3. Eventually, the developers will probably release a Witcher 4, which would render Sexy Bathtub Geralt tragically obsolete—unless the devs include another bathtub scene in the sequel.

But no matter what happens, Sexy Bathtub Geralt will live on in our hearts forever.

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