Meet Paulo, Hornet’s Sexy Brazilian ‘Man of the Month’ for December

Meet Paulo, Hornet’s Sexy Brazilian ‘Man of the Month’ for December

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Paulo, Hornet’s “Man of the Month” in Brazil, is way more than a cute face or a sexy body, though he undoubtedly has both. This 32-year-old sexy Brazilian is shy and reserved, with a quiet, calm voice, and he says he recently became a fan of the circuit party scene that is so popular in Brazil.

Popo, as he prefers to be called, is a brand-new resident of São Paulo, moving from Belo Horizonte — the capital of Brazil’s Minas Gerais state — for a new job about a month ago. As a new resident of São Paulo, he’s still learning the lay of the land, getting to know the city’s nightlife scene and its friendly locals.

He graduated with a degree in design, and Popo is a huge soccer fan. He’s part of Bharbixas, a soccer team that recently fared well in Rio de Janeiro’s new gay football league, Ligay. Popo says he’s also a family guy and is very close to his parents, with whom he lived until he moved to São Paulo.

Until he was 30, Popo only dated girls. He identified as bisexual previously, though today he identifies as a gay man.

During our photo shoot, Popo proved to be super comfortable with his body, and he enjoys showing off his biceps, which he works on daily at the gym. (He’s also more than well aware of the power of that smile!)

Oh, also, Popo is a trans man. He transitioned about two years ago.

Interested in chatting with him? You can find Paulo (Popo) on Hornet: @popovaz.

Check out this photo gallery of our sexy Brazilian “Man of the Month,” Paulo:

See more of Paulo throughout the month of December on the Hornet Brasil Instagram account: @hornetapp_br.

All photos of Paulo by Leonardo Santos

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