Make Every Month Sexy With the 12 Best Thirst Trap Calendars for 2018

Make Every Month Sexy With the 12 Best Thirst Trap Calendars for 2018

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While 2017 has been a bit of a dumpster fire politically, we can all rest assured that 2018 … well, it probably will be, too. While data may show things are generally getting better, it’s hard to believe that if you’re paying attention to the news even a little bit. But there’s one thing that can surely make us excited for 2018 — sexy calendars featuring hot men!

There are a lot of sexy calendars out there for sale, but here are our 12 favorite thirst trap calendars for 2018.

Start your 2018 better than ever with one of these 12 sexy calendars:


12. Hot Dudes Reading

The Instagram sensation @hotdudesreading is basically what it sounds like. The popular Instagram account collects pictures of hot men reading — on the subway, in bookstores, wherever. While taking candids might be a bit ethically fraught, we’d imagine these shots are staged, on account that they’re quality snaps.


11. Heart Throbs and Hounds

If you like dogs nearly as much as you like men, opt for this sexy calendar from acclaimed celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz. Each month features ripped fitness models and adorable fuzzy pups. And if that weren’t enough, it’s for a good cause! Proceeds help local animal shelters pay veterinary costs.

10. Color Explosion: Men by Mark Henderson

Photographer Mark Henderson brings last century’s grand style of nude photography into the present. Twelve months, 12 dreamy men, all in service of the year’s theme — color — in sexy calendar form.

9. Australian Firefighters

After seeing the burly men of this sexy calendar, we’ll have to call the fire department to come and put us out — because baby, we’re burning up! Turn up the heat another notch each month with Australia’s finest firefighters. Can you handle it?

8. Red Hot C**ks

We’ve never understood the whole ginger stigma thing. What’s not to like? Freckles, red hair and, of course, that crimson bush. This year, photographer Thomas Knight and art director Elliott James Frieze say “fuck the haters” with 12 full-frontal, totally nude gingers on a sexy calendar. All that and it also raises money for the Movember Foundation’s Testicular Cancer Awareness, an organization raising awareness about men’s health.

7. Connect: The Amsterdam Lowlanders Gay Rugby Club

In the spirit of connection and camaraderie, this sexy calendar features not only the Lowlanders team but also fellow players from around the world, meaning you can look at rugby studs in all their glory year round. And they’re all posing with the many bridges of Amsterdam, so if your parents ask, you can say you’re just really into architecture!

6. Dylan Rosser: Wet

Photographer Dylan Rosser has been shooting male nudes for almost two decades and has worked with gorgeous men from all over the world. The men in this sexy calendar are nice and wet — and yet, we’re parched. Go figure.

5. Rick Day NYC: Castings

Photographer Rick Day has mastered the art of capturing male beauty. The unique way he uses light makes it impossible to not recognize his work immediately. For this year’s sexy calendar, he rounds up the most stunning male models he had the pleasure of capturing in 2017. And you might recognize the coverboy — that’s Franco Noriega, the Naked Chef.

4. COLT: Hairy Chested

If you love manly men covered in fur, you’ll probably want to pick up COLT’s Hairy Chested 2018 calendar. Featuring 13 men who live up to the COLT legacy, this uncensored, raw calendar will make you hot and bothered year round.

3. meat NAKED

There’s nothing ordinary about the “ordinary” men photographed for this calendar. Twelve guys of different sizes, shapes and ages stripped for meat founder and editor Adrian Lourie. meat proves once again you don’t need a six-pack to be sexy.

2. Seth Fornea’s Ginger Mountain

If you can’t get enough ginger goodness in your life, pick up Ginger God Seth Fornea’s calendar, too. Photographed on the grounds of Bear and Butterfly, a clothing-optional resort in western North Carolina, by photographer Rick Day, this sexy calendar is a natural masterpiece.

1. Dieux du Stade

The French jocks return this year with a twist on those classic Dieux du Stade sexy calendars. Forget black-and-white photography — 2018 is all about color and disco balls. This year’s edition is heavy on the abs, V-lines and skin. And the proceeds are all going to the French cancer charity Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en! (In English, that’s “Breast Cancer, Let’s Talk About It!”) This calendar c’est trop cool!

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