You’ll Hate How Much You Love These 15 Erotic Drawings of Gaston

You’ll Hate How Much You Love These 15 Erotic Drawings of Gaston

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While everyone’s crowing about Disney’s upcoming live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, its rumored gay character and its original lyricist who battled AIDS, some of us are still hung up on the fact that we’ve always considered Gaston waaaaay sexier than the Beast.

Oh, we realize that Gaston’s a monster. He’s a narcissist, misogynist, ageist, species-ist vulgarian brute who intimdates his neighbors, wrongfully imprisons an old man just to coerce a disinterested woman into marrying him and also incites a lynch mob against one of Disney’s only brown-colored characters. He’s an absolute trash person.

But he’s also fictional, and when the 1991 film came out, we had never had a male cartoon character flash us his hairy pecs before. So even though our more mature social justice warrior sensibilities tell us to revile him, we’re going to be as shallow as a paper plate just for a sec and share this gallery of erotic fan art of Gaston. He’s flexing, bulging in g-strings and having sex with Prince Eric, Tarzan and the Beast — don’t act like you don’t enjoy it.

And for the truly twisted, we’ve even included four parting shots of Gaston winning over Belle, defeating the Beast and taking over Belle’s very heart and soul. Oh, it’s monstrous, but then again, which of us hasn’t lusted after guys we knew were completely awful?

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