15 Sexy Gay Valentine’s Day #RelationshipGoals (Photos)

15 Sexy Gay Valentine’s Day #RelationshipGoals (Photos)

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Happy Valentine’s Day one and all! However you like to be in love—or even if you don’t—there’s no escaping the passion and affection in the air. We’ve rounded up some of social media’s sweetest gay lovers to give your heart a little lift … starting with these two guys, who know just how to enjoy a perfect lazy afternoon with your best friend.


If love is in the air, why not light it up in big electric letters?

VD Day!!! #love #ValentinesDay #woodys #gay #gaysian #instagay #toronto #gayvalentine

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Ah, a tangle of hairy legs—that’s the perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day. Rub ’em together to generate some warmth!


Aww, a romantic bouquet? Well, let’s just lean down and take a sniff…


One of these bouquets is larger than the other, but sometimes a little size-mismatch makes the coupling even hotter.


Were you looking for some ideas for a new outfit to greet your boyfriend in? Here’s a thought on what you could be wearing the next time he walks through the door.


Between the X-O-kiss pattern and the sexy body art and the shy smile, how can you resist pouncing on this romantic morsel? You cannot. Let us all pounce together.


They may be on a date out in public right now, but that sly smirk says that when they get back home there’s something naughty in store.


Who better to celebrate Valentine’s Day than the sleaziest, most glamorous drag queen ever, Divine? She’ll grab your romance in her teeth and shake it until it’s unrecognizable.


Hard to tell what’s more romantic here: a single rose, or a naked butt. (Definitely the butt.)


Yes, yes, this next one is an ad, and it’s everyone’s duty to resist the creeping commercialization of romance. But these guys look like they’re having such a good time, and the pose itself is so inspiring for future assignations.


Ahh yes, this one’s perfect. A simple smooch is so pure and lovely, an ideal expression of the love of one queer person for another.


Why not celebrate with a friend someplace glamorous abroad? Take a trip to a foreign land and get all naked and nasty in a hotel bed. Just don’t forget to send photos.


… or you can enjoy a tasteful rendezvous at a local eatery. Just remember to give your shirt one extra unbuttoning to show off your fur.

Happy Valentine's Day to my love @oeat07 at one of our new favorite spots ❤️❤️❤️ #boyfriending #gayvalentine

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Awww, yay for love. Two boys scratching their beards together is just about the nicest thing to think about as you drift off to sleep tonight. Pleasant dreams!