This Guy’s Sexy Photos Show What Happens When Your Pumpkin Spice Addiction Goes Too Far

This Guy’s Sexy Photos Show What Happens When Your Pumpkin Spice Addiction Goes Too Far

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Oh, fall! No more hot summer days to melt in. No bright skies to get in your eyes. Getting to break out your favorite hoodies. No wonder it’s one of our top four favorite seasons! And, of course, as local news teams keep telling us, it’s pumpkin spice latte season! But what happens when your pumpkin spice addiction spirals out of control? Well, you might find yourself making sexy pumpkin photos.

That’s what happened to Ryan Thompson. Well, okay, not really — he was just making a sexy “dudeoir” photo set with his wife, Gayla.

Happy Fall ya'll! :p#dudeoir #pumpkinbutt

Posted by GT Photography on Sunday, October 15, 2017


But whether it’s the ravages of a pumpkin spice addiction or just a fun photo shoot between a loving couple — we’re down. And apparently a number of other folks were too — Gayle told Mashable “The only challenge was that the field is viewable from a public main road and people were starting to slow down and STARE at Ryan’s #PumpkinButt and he almost quit on me.”

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We’re glad he didn’t quit. The photoshoot is fun and sexy. Working with her husband gives Gayle a bit of freedom:

These shoots with my husband are more fun than the typical client because I can experiment with anything and everything without the nervousness of messing something up for pay. And because my husband is just a natural.

If you want to see more of Ryan but have a pumpkin allergy, don’t worry! Gayle’s official photography page, GT Photography, has another “dudeoir” photo shoot with her husband. Redneck Dudeoir features Ryan getting messy with hot dogs and relaxing in a tub of cereal.


Posted by GT Photography on Sunday, July 30, 2017


The photos were a collaboration — Gayla says, “They were all my idea but once we got started on them all he just freaking ROCKED it! There was no direction given. Just taking pictures of him doing his thing.”

We love these photos so much, and we can’t wait to see what Gayla and Ryan do next!


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