Let’s Drool Over These 10 Pictures of a Scruffy Russian Hunk (Photos)

Let’s Drool Over These 10 Pictures of a Scruffy Russian Hunk (Photos)

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This morning we got turned on to the Instagram account of Andrey Korlyuka, a Russian engineer and fitness model  who enjoys baring his sexcellent bod in varying states of undress. The pic of him in his briefs nearly gave us a heart attack.

Naturally, Russia has its fair share of sexy dudes (including these 10 sexy Russian singers), but the country also has an out-of-control HIV epidemic which has been worsened by the country’s anti-gay laws; one Russian lawmaker even wanted to criminalize coming out. Ugh.

Regardless, Korlyuka is a pleasant and mouth-watering reminder of the good things that come out of Russia, like vodka, Tetris, the artist Wassily Kandinsky, gay composer Tchaikovsky and the Trump golden showers dossier.

(Photos via Andrey Korlyuka)

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