We’re Currently Swooning Over This Sexy Elementary School Teacher from South Korea

We’re Currently Swooning Over This Sexy Elementary School Teacher from South Korea

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It appears that Pietro Boselli isn’t the only hot teacher in the world. Let us introduce you to Min Q Lee, who hails from South Korea. He’s also turning heads and getting noticed globally as the sexy elementary school teacher in town.

Lee first came to our attention when his gorgeous spread in Cosmopolitan South Korea went viral. In his interview with the magazine, Lee talks about his job as a teacher and emphasizes, “I’ve come to think that I made a good decision in becoming a teacher when I see students grow in a good direction after listening to me.”

Obviously molding young minds is a top priority on this sexy elementary school teacher’s list.

Besides taking his teaching profession seriously, Lee is also an avid bodybuilder. From his personal Instagram account, we see him compete in several bodybuilding contests on the side. From these sultry images, Lee looks scrumptious, especially in the red speedo below. Move over, Pietro, because there’s a new “hot teacher” in town.

Lee is currently single and available. During his down time, when he’s not teaching or hitting the gym, he’s passionate about traveling the world. From New York City to Bangkok to Barcelona, this sexy elementary school teacher is also a global trotter in his spare time.

With that muscular body and handsome face, Lee has also posed for fitness magazines, which lets him share his stunning physique with readers. Lucky for us!

Can’t get enough of Min G Lee, the sexy elementary school teacher? Check out more captivating pictures of him that are sure to make you sweat.

Strike a pose, Mr. Lee

Pecs, biceps and abs, oh my!

Sa Wat Dee, Mr. Lee

Show us what’s underneath your robe, Mr. Lee!

Here’s the sexy elementary school teacher sashaying on the runway!

Looking stylish, Mr. Lee.

Min is bringing that sexy suspenders look back.

#BabyJesus, we want to sit on his thick, muscular thighs.

Big feet, big heart?

Mr. Lee + Puppy Dog = Adorbs!

We melt for this sexy elementary school teacher!

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