We Talk to the Sexy Unicorn Man Behind ‘Do You Even Unicorn?’

We Talk to the Sexy Unicorn Man Behind ‘Do You Even Unicorn?’

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As you know, every day Hornet picks one lucky man from their millions of users and crowns him #HornetGuy. Last week,  we got the chance to find an incredibly creative (and sexy) profile from a guy in Sydney! It’s my job to go through all the sexiest guys in the app — I know, my job is soooo hard — and in doing this research, I get to find out more about them. That’s how I discovered that this particular #HornetGuy posts pictures of his very fun hobby on Instagram!

One thing led to another, and now we present to you an interview with this talented, sexy artist — also known as “Do You Even Unicorn.”


Unicorn Booty: Who is the guy behind Do You Even Unicorn?

Do You Even Unicorn: A creative guy in a very uncreative day job. [Laughs.] It’s awesome to have such a fun and sexual artistic outlet to keep me satiated, and it’s fucking cool that so many people seem to get a kick out of it. I love getting messages from “fans” and while obviously there are going to be plenty of wangs and butts sent to me, purely due to the nature of the page, I also get some really touching messages, and words of encouragement from other artsy people that enjoy it for the creative aspect, and these are so motivating and my favorite kinds of messages to open.


How did you come up with this AMAZING idea?

I’d love to say that it was the realization of an artistic dream or vision, but it was all very haphazard. I gave my friend a horse-head mask for her birthday and it was all kinds of fun so I decided to get myself one, and not wanting to be matchy-matchy, I went for the unicorn. A few sketchy photos in my lounge room in some new horse-print undies — a loose tie-in to the unicorn head used as an excuse to post near-naked selfies — posted to my regular-person Instagram started it all.

Pretty soon the only photos I were posting were unicorn pics, so the natural progression was to give him his own IG. And that has since evolved from my initial concept of a unicorn just doing everyday things like grocery shopping and dumpster diving, to a vastly more stylized and salacious vibe. And it’s fun to be able to exhibit some sexual expression in a way that feels safe and comfortable.


What’s your creative process?

The creative process, eh? The concepts are haphazard and these days will usually stem from a quote or social situation. It’s for this reason that sometimes I’ll frequently, even multiple shots on the same day, and other times there may be weeks in-between. It’s all about when creativity and inspiration strike. You can’t force that stuff, it just happens organically.

Sometimes the concepts work, sometimes they REALLY don’t. I have loads of pictures from concepts that I thought were going to be epic, but they just didn’t translate. Maybe I can make a B-side page?

I take all the shots myself (apart from the occasional outdoor photo for logistical reasons) with my best pal, a timer camera app. I take a ton and then whittle them down and edit the shit out of them, I don’t edit the image in terms of doctoring my body etc. but hey, I’ve watched Top Model, I’ve learnt my angles and how to use light and shadow to my advantage.

Everything’s photographed and edited on my iPhone and I have no formal training so my apologies to everyone for the often grainy and fiercely amateur production values.


Does Do You Even Unicorn have a statement or is this just crazy-sexy art?

I think it’s both. There are absolutely shots that are purely for fun and titillation, but there are also political statements in there. I’m all for sexual freedom and expression and I’m anti-slut-shaming, and I like to work that notion into photos, even if it’s subtle.

Sometimes this isn’t well received and I’ve had posts reported and deleted, most recently my Trump Hunt post — then again what did I expect from Trump supporters? [Laughs.] 

I usually make a quick edit and repost because I believe that, as long as no-one’s getting hurt, everyone has the right to express themselves creatively.

My former post was reported so I felt I needed to clear up any confusion with a few disclaimers on this one. – Contrary to the picture I didn't actually go out and shoot 3 Donald Trumps and hang their heads on my tastefully decorated walls. – I do not condone guns. I'm not holding a rifle, it's literally an umbrella. – I don't support violence of any kind toward animal, person, or unicorn. I volunteer at a no kill dog shelter on Saturdays so you know I'm legit. Let's all have fun and familiarise ourselves with satire, and bask in the glory that is the fifth amendment. Thanks kids! ??❤️? #election2016 #trumphunt #grabherbythepussy #imstillwithher #freedomofspeech #satire #censorshipgonemad #unicorn #doyouevenunicorn #?

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Is there a difference between you and Do You Even Unicorn?

There absolutely is! [Laughs.] Do You Even Unicorn is a persona, a character. When meeting a guy for the first time the thought is always in the back of my mind that they’re expecting a hyper-sexual party boy that wants to jump in the sack at every opportunity. I love sexuality and all aspects of it, but I’m more old-fashioned than our unicorn friend. I like to date and commit to one amazing guy at a time, and would prefer a night in with Netflix and plenty of wine and my guy than a massive night out.

While I feel Do You Even Unicorn would be all up for skinny dipping and nudist camps, I’m a little more reserved when it comes to public nakedness. Although I gotta say, the more and more comfortable I get in my own skin (which is in part thanks to my Unicorn Insta), the more adventurous I’m becoming on my personal IG in regards to artistic or creative nude photos, and it feels fucking great!


Can you tell us more about your hobbies?

I’m into long hikes, day-long Netflix binges, healthy cooking, fried chicken, Saturday morning runs, Sunday morning hangovers from ‘Nam, a good bottle of red, cheap beer, thought provoking documentaries, and memes. Juxtaposition at its finest, basically. [Laughs.]

I volunteer at a no-kill dog shelter, and do pole dance and yoga to stay in shape — challenging considering my love of trashy food! I am somewhat of an introvert so as much as I love a good beer garden sesh, I’m at my happiest on the couch with a glass (read: bottle) of wine, a sexy dude, and a good series to watch.


What’s your favorite thing about Hornet?

I’m not especially into the scene and rarely hang out at gay venues, and most of my friends are straight so I’m generally not in social situations where I’d meet guys organically, so Hornet is ideal for me. I can get an idea of what a guy is like and what makes him tick, and take it IRL if it feels like there could be a good connection. And there’s an integrity with Hornet that I’ve found seems to be lacking with other apps.


What do you look for in a guy?

Physically I don’t have a specific type, but I am a sucker for dark eyes (even though I almost always end up dating guys with blue eyes for some reason), and I love quirky features that add character. I also love ink on a guy and anything that makes him slightly left of center or rough around the edges.

As a hopeless romantic I love a guy that’s into little meaningful gestures, like holding my hand in the street or rocking up after a few dates with some crappy flowers he bought at Woolworths. I’m a sappy son of a bitch.


Describe your perfect sex night.

I’m an old-fashioned guy and all about the lead up, so loads of closeness and touching and all that jazz. While I’m very open minded and advocate sexual expression, I don’t particularly identify with top, bottom, and vers, so I guess you could say I’m a foreplay kind of guy, which actually has its own terminological term now: Side. Look it up, kids.


Have you ever had sex with the Unicorn mask on?

That, I have not! [Laughs.] Blow jobs are kind of hard with a latex horse mask on, no? Then again, I’ve managed to drink champagne through it, so perhaps I should reassess next time!

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