These 20 Pics of Australia’s Sexiest Veterinarian Are the Cat’s Meow

These 20 Pics of Australia’s Sexiest Veterinarian Are the Cat’s Meow

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Dr. Oisín Tracey is an emergency vet living and working Perth, Australia who has recently blown up on the web for his adorably sexy photos of him posing with animals.

He attended veterinary school in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland and now goes by Pawsome Doctor on Instagram. He has 28,100 followers and averages about 1,500 to 4,000 likes on his pics.

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Near the end of August 2017, he began a personal website. In a recent entry, he explained how he fell in love with being a vet:

I fell into my job working in the rapidly growing field of veterinary emergency and critical care by accident but I absolutely love it! The variety and challenges each case brings, is incredible. Whether dealing with a crashing patient, a dog that just won’t stop vomiting, or consoling parents when their fur babies are really sick, no two days are ever the same.

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Although his website is still under development, he plans on using it as a resource for the public in veterinary first aid.


Here are 20 great pics of Dr. Oisín Tracey (Pawsome Doctor)

He’s as cuddly as a kitty cat


That lucky, lucky bunny


He’s the cat’s meow


Hanging around


And he’s cuckoo for birds!


We can’t decide which is cuter: him or the pups.


He probably gives great cuddles and belly rubs.


And he’s quite the snake charmer!


Who’s a good boy?


Room for one more?


He’s a true friend to all animals.


No creature is too small for his care.


And he’s a fine specimen all by himself.


He’s a regular perch for pussy cats, it seems.


Seeing spots


And he’s gay too!


Pounding the surf in style


Kittens are like catnip to me.


He’s proof that man are amazing creatures too!



Featured image by Tempura via iStock

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