16 Times Hugh Jackman’s Sexy Wolverine Made Our Crotch Go ‘Snikt!’ (Photos)

16 Times Hugh Jackman’s Sexy Wolverine Made Our Crotch Go ‘Snikt!’ (Photos)

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Today marks the release date of Logan, the ninth and final film in which Hugh Jackman’s sexy Wolverine portrayal will be permanently ingrained in our spank banks.

“I had decided before that this is it. I couldn’t have made the movie unless I knew that,” Jackman told EW in the latest March 10 issue. Logan marks the actor’s final run as the adamantium-clawed, cigar-smoking X-Man, and the film itself is set in 2029, a future landscape when most mutants have disappeared and Logan (code name: Wolverine) and Professor X (played once again by the brilliant Patrick Stewart) are two of the only super-powered humans left.

Interestingly, the film deals with some rather timely stuff. Stewart, speaking with Variety, has mentioned that the film’s premise — which involves trying to cross a border or two — resonates with what’s currently going on in Trump’s America. “We are affected by the changing times. You present your part as a person influenced by the times. We did not set out to make a political movie, yet there are echoes in the film that exist today – that is serendipity. If people want to take messages from this film, then we have done a good job,” he said.

We can’t wait. But back to the real reason you’re here:

While we’re sad to see Jackman go, 17 years is quite a run, right? So what better way to honor the Aussie man whose sexy Wolverine brought us out to the theaters over and over again than by rounding up some of our favorite moments?

Our first glimpse of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was in X-Men (2000). Jackman was only 31 years old — he’s 48 now — and so dreamy.

Cigars are gross, but we wouldn’t kick this hunk outta bed. Here he is about to kick some dude’s ass in a cage flight, also from 2000’s X-Men.

He looks damn good in a uniform, too.

In the 2003 film X2: X-Men United, we got some of Wolverine’s backstory, which included this scene of him popping out of that Weapon X adamantium tub.

Watch out — he’s getting pissed.

Oh, and he was practically wearing nothing.

What we wouldn’t give to be the glistening sweat on his neck. Sigh.

I mean, even Hugh Jackman’s action figure is kinda hot.

Jackman continued to get more and more buff for his Wolverine portrayals, as you can tell from this promo shot for 2013’s The Wolverine.

Another shot of 2013-era Wolvie. (We can’t help it.)

He also looks good clothed. The man can rock a leather jacket like no other.

Why so upset, gurl?

In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jackman’s Wolverine had to travel back in time to the ’70s. Even riddled with bullet holes, we’d bang him.

Did we mention that we finally got to see sexy Wolverine’s butt, too?

In Logan, Jackman makes quite the woofy (Wolvie?) daddy. He makes 150 years old look damn good.

OK, this one’s just kinda scary.

Thanks for all the spank bank material, Hugh Jackman! Your sexy Wolverine will forever go down as comic book movie’s hottest mutant crimefighter.

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