Will the SF Giants Be the First Sports Team With an It Gets Better Video?

Will the SF Giants Be the First Sports Team With an It Gets Better Video?

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San Francisco Giants fans were rightly disgusted by the homophobic behavior of Atlanta Braves coach Roger McDowell in a recent home game, and they have united with a common goal: to get the Giants to be the first professional sports team to record an It Gets Better video!

It Gets Better was started by sex columnist and fellow Seattleite Dan Savage in response to last year’s rash of anti-gay bullying-related suicides. Several atheletes have come out in support of gay rights – most recently Sean Avery of the New York Rangers – and yet no professional sports team has rallied together and made a stand.

We think it’s about time that homophobia in sports is addressed head-on, and who better to do it than the baseball team from what used to be the queerest city on the planet?!?

This very same idea came to Giants fan Sean Chapin, a self-described “HUGE” fan, and he started a Change.org petition, asking the Giants to take a “game-changing stand for acceptance and equality” – in sports and everywhere else.

In the aftermath of Kobe Bryant and and Roger McDowell’s homophobic slurs, legitimizing and encouraging millions of kids to harass gay and gay-perceived youth, it’s time for a sports team to take a stand on behalf of equality. With American attitudes toward LGBT people evolving rapidly, and polls now showing a majority of Americans support same-sex marriage, the San Francisco Giant could be the team that proactively and profoundly connects to the LGBT community, making a game-changing stand for acceptance and equality.

The San Francisco Giants are in an extraordinary position to lead the rest of the professional sporting world and possibly make the most impactful It Gets Better video yet, not just as the recent World Series champs but also as ambassadors of an iconic city revered for celebrating diversity and differences with open arms. Should the team make a video to tell our LGBT youth that it does get better, the Giants may catalyze a watershed moment in professional sports.

Sign the petition now, and let’s start making inroads against homophobia in sports!

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