Did Shangela Fat Shame With Her ‘All Stars 3’ Lip Sync Performance? Vicky Vox Says ‘Yes’

Did Shangela Fat Shame With Her ‘All Stars 3’ Lip Sync Performance? Vicky Vox Says ‘Yes’

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Warning: There are spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen this week’s episode of All Stars 3.

On last night’s episode of All Stars 3, Shangela revealed a fat suit under her outfit right as her lip sync battle with Trixie Mattel began. Her ensuing performance had the judges in stitches, and she ended up winning. Many on social media are calling her out for fat shaming, including one particularly influential drag queen. So, now that’s it’s just us kitty girls, we have to ask to each other: did Shangela fat shame?

Vicky Vox rose to infamy as part of the drag girl group DWV and is one of those queens who has found success without ever appearing on Drag Race. A plus-sized queen herself who embraces her curves, she tweeted out her discomfort with the performance last night.

Here’s what she wrote: “I’m actually bummed out by Shangela wearing a fat suit for laughs. I’m tired of fat shaming being celebrated. I love you Diva but I’m in my feelings. I can’t take my fat off and i work hard like you skinny bitches to be taken seriously. I’m still the butt of the joke.”

Many people responded they didn’t think of the performance in that way, until Vox put in context for them.

One person replied: “You know I am a big girl and I didn’t really think about it until you posted this. I guess we are so used to seeing ‘fat girls’ be the butt of a joke you become desensitized to it. I love Shangela and I am sure she meant no disrespect but you are right it really was not needed.”

Vicky Vox, photo by Austin Young

Emma wrote:

Shangela wearing a fat suit was a choice. I’m not happy about it. The worst part was all the laughs she got. That’s how I’ve felt all my life, whenever I do something physical, like everyone’s laughing at me. It’s put so many barriers on me enjoying myself and living my best life. Fat shaming is not okay. Fat people can be desired, and loved, and not just fetishised. Fat people can be physical and energetic. I am so tired of having to prove these things. Please just consider what it’s like for me, for us.

Some are even saying this Shangela fat shame faux pas should deny her the All Stars 3 crown. One Drag Race fan tweeted, “Any team but Shangela after the fat suit incedent. My body isn’t a costume for you to put on as a comedic gimmick.”

This actually isn’t the first time a Drag Race queen has donned a fat suit. Thorgy Thor wore a fat suit at the red carpet premiere for Season 8.

Thorgy Thor

Did Shangela fat shame or are people overreacting? Sound off in the comments below and on Facebook.