‘Share A Little Blood And You’ll Party For An Eternity’

‘Share A Little Blood And You’ll Party For An Eternity’

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If a homo/bi-erotic vampire film came out in 2000, but nobody saw it, is it safe to call it ‘new’? Who knows? We’re going with it.

We are officially submitting The Brotherhood for most uninspired vampire film ever. It looks like Dante’s Cove and Cruel Intentions 2 (The direct-to-video sequel that essentially told the exact same story over again. Don’t act like you didn’t watch it when you were 16 too.).

Gosh, this movie looks just awful. But ever since we wrote about Vampire Boys, the gay vampire movie submissions have been clogging up the tip line. We can’t tell if this is the best or the worst of them. At least it’s not Scab.

In any case, we hope this post appeases the gay and bisexual vampire fans out there enough to let us get on with business. Enjoy! If you can!

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